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            1. Automatic template sewing machines ,none skill requir of the operator.High efficiency and precision sewing.

            2. 型號Model



              XY軸絲桿傳動,無油干結構Screw rod X/Y axis, Dry structure, none oil.

              最大縫制面積Max. sewing area:

              1300 X 700mm

              最高縫制速度Max sewing speed

              3500 RPM

              旋梭Rotary hook:


              Small and large rotary hook assort for thin and thick material as optional

              針距Needle pitch:

              0.05mm ---12.7mm

              最大設計針數Max. stitches / design:


              機針型號Needle model:

              DB x7#-23#

              壓腳高度Presser foot height:


              模板切換方式Template change style

              條形碼智能切換 RFD

              Intelligent bar code scan orRFD

              控制屏Control panel:

              10.4寸觸摸屏  10.4’ touch panel

              程序(針路)輸入Program input method:


              馬達類型Main motor

              交流伺服AC servo motor

              電源規格Power supply:


              Single phase 220V/3A

              總功率Power capacity


              氣動規格Pneumatic specification:

              0.5-0.8mPa 1.7L/min


              1850 x 1500 X 1300mm

              包裝尺寸Packing size:

              2100X 2300 X 1450mm

              凈重Net weight


              毛重Gross weight





              The product can be used for sewing kinds of materials as below:

              羽絨服  雙線絎縫  縫裝拉鏈  Down coat  double quilting, zipper sewing 

              棉料外套  縫裝拉鏈 縫米字紋 Cotton coat  zipper sewing, crossed sewing

              秋冬套裝  釘裝袋蓋  縫袋蓋  挖袋     Autumn&winter suit  flap fixed,  flap stitch ,set-in pocket

              西裝西褲   貼袋蓋  車門襟  褲子開袋 Business suit & pants   flap fixed, stitch front, pant pocket cutting

              有領T恤  貼領子    貼龜背  封格縫條 T-shirt with collar    lead paste,  patch fixed,  stripping and grid

              嬰兒車  厚料座墊絎縫 Baby roller   heavy washer stitch

              雙肩背包   背墊絎縫  Backpack back washer stitch     

              手提包  縫皮革磚石紋 Hand bag   leather brick pattern stitch

              羽絨服絎線           Down coat quilting 

              棉衣絎線——車縫拉鏈組合 Cotton clothes quilting----stitch & zipper sewing

              棉衣絎線            Cotton clothes stitch

              車縫羽絨服格子線    Stitch check of the down coat

              夾克衫貼拉鏈、貼袋  Jack suit zipper stitch , pocket fixed                

            3. Video link:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU__Y4VVZAUuk_B_f9ex-Ql0 

            4.    Template cutting machine ,cut area: 1500*1200mm,multi-layer, 6mm thickness.

            5. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5gEaLNbVbg&list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU9tXR_O0azi8SVWyQvRk6FK&index=3&t=10s

            6. Automatic filling machine(cotton&down),                                                                                                                                                                                                                            MAX Accuracy Grade(0.01g error ),WEIGHTING RANGE(single time) 0.2-20g, scales quantity(1-16),Filling pipes/ working station quantity1-6, Storage Volume 7-10kg, filling Material Down,   ball fiber, Filling speed 1200-5600 Grids/Hour(depend on different types)  

            7. Videos link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU-497cVlNbpG-ai72qe4Fuc  

            8. Auotomatic pocket patch machine 

            9. 型號Model



              1,BrotherS-7300A (for thin fabric material)

              2,BAS-311HN-05S(for Thick fabric material,such as jeans)

              機頭轉速Head speed:

              4000 RPM

              可縫制最大范圍Max sewing area


              功率Power :



              標準交流電單相220V 50/60Hz

              Single phase 220V AC 50/60Hz

              氣壓容量Air capacity

              0.5Mpa 1.8L/min

              氣動元器件含電磁閥、導軌、氣缸等)Pneumatic componentsInclude solenoid valve, slider, cylinder,etc.) :

              標配日本 SMC (Japanese

              縫制產量Sewing quantity:

              300/小時(200)針300 pcs/h (200) needle

              花樣圖案Pattern design:

              任意自編式 Any style as wish

              用電量Power expense:

              0.5/小時0.5 kw / h

              圖案儲存Pattern storage:

              自帶儲存999套另可用USB接頭儲存999 pcs available and additional USB storage




              1 DpX17  9#-23# each No1  pcs

              同步壓腳提升高度 Presser foot lift height:


              送料方式及收料方式Feeding &Collection model:

              自動 Automatic

              供油方式 Oil supply mode:

              自動微油Automatic Light-oil

              定位鐳射燈Position lasers lights:


              車縫模式 Sewing mode:


              工作臺高度范圍Table height range:

              可調節(850-950)mm Adjustable

              控制系統Control system

              祖克自有軍工系統JOOKE own military-class

              線跡形式Stitch type

              單機平縫single lockstitch sewing

              適應面料 Suit to Fabrics:

              牛仔、針織、梭織Jeans, knits, woven,etc.

              凈重Net weight:


              毛重Gross weight:


              外形尺寸Size of the machine

              1600x1280x 1300 mm


              2070x146x 146 mm

              Kangaroo pocket patch pro,Sewing area 450*500 as No 1 in the world. Productivity 120-150pcs/h, Stable operation and Top efficiency  

            10.  Video link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU9GcJNxgrUCyv6gra_z0q1O


            12. Automatic coverstitch bottoom hemmer for diverse T-shirt,Polo,etc. None module requir,one person operates machiens moren than two sets.                                                             Video Link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFuhGWXDCIA            

              Unique Four Features

              These four unique patent technology results size none adjustable operating and make operator none reverse the t-shirt for sewing, place the sewing bone position int he  samedirection, As well , avoid the bottom crackle

              (Main parameter)


              用電要求Electronic conditions


              (可定做accept 110v voltage)




              氣壓要求Air pressure (psi-kg)


              消耗氣量(air expense cfm








              包裝尺寸:Packing size(mm)



              凈重Net Weight(kg):


              毛重Gross weight(kg):


              (Main parts)


            13. Garment Automatic Folding& Packing Machine  

              Garment Automatic Folding & Packing Machine is for the garment factory which require fold and pack vast clothes rapidly and efficiency. There is just need one person input fold size on the screen touch ,and flat the clothes on the machine platform, then the machine would fold and move the clothes in the poly-bag(bag seal as optional device ) automatic. Save manpower and salary, increase productivity ,decrease manufacturer cost. 

            14. Videos link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU87kGdxB6hGWItCBhoSVOQL

            可選功能介紹Optional assist devices: 

            1, 自動放紙卡和防潮紙;Automatic place paper-card and moisture-proof paper

            2,自動放紙卡和防潮珠(干燥劑包)Automatic place paper-card and drying bag;

            3,安全感應制動裝置(進口感應器感應到不安全因素如手伸入機箱,機器立刻制動保護作業員)。Safety sensor for protecting operator 

            4,自動制袋:筒料制袋/對折膜制袋 Automatic bag making(rolling & folding double back and double up



            Imported advanced technology, designed based on user’s requires, thus,  the structure more simply and comfort , and operate more easy;


              Machines running stable and high efficiency because of adapt imported electrons and pneumatic devices;


              Sense the folded size as the setting, and fold the clothes in right shape ;


             Computer controlling operation,folded precious;


              Sealed by hand or automatic as optional in order to satisfy diverse factories requires



            10,  High Speed Automatic Splicing Rubber Machine,




            機頭: Head (JUKI)

            LK 1930


            轉速Head speed:

            2700 RPM

            2800 RPM

            可縫制橡筋寬度 Sewing rubber width range



            最小圓周長度Mini-circul :



            最大互疊長度Max pile length:



            測量繞絲輸出系統Measuring wire output system:

            脈沖馬達Pulse motor

            脈沖馬達Pulse motor

            圖案存儲Design storage:

            FD/ P-Rom

            存儲卡(CF)Storage card(CF)

            最多圖案數Max pattern store

            691(with FD)


            切料方法 Blanking way

            刀片 Auto plate

            刀片 Auto plate


            KBC device(optional)


            Five rotary collector (pre-set, auto-collect materials)

            CCD 裝置(可選)

            CCD device(optional)


            Delete the marks on the rubber belt, sewing logo on the rubber belt as optional

            適用面料 Apply in fabric

            橡筋帶 編織面料 蕾絲  Rubber belt, woven fabrics, lace,etc

            編制產量 Productivity:

            1000pcs /h (36 needles)


            DpX5 DpX17




            單相交流220V Single phase AC 220V


            控制裝置Sequence controller

            空氣容量 Air requir 

            0.5 Mpa(72psi) 50L/min


            1200 X1260 X1660 mm

            包裝尺寸Packing size:

            1300X 1360 X 1760mm

            凈重Net weight


            毛重Gross weight



            (1)撥線功能 With pull wire system   (2)雙倍線芯Double wire core

            (3)總量計數 Sum count            (4)中間壓腳Middle press foot

            (5)無工作任務時自動停止 Auto stop once work free  

             (6無底線自動停止工作 Auto stop once bottom thread finished

             7數量單位設置計數器 Number of unit set up counters

            主要部件展示Parts images

            VIDEOS LINNK:Vv

            Videos link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnLLiYIj7Xs&list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU-lg7Lehe6GVbKi4wM1d46M&index=4

            We also manufacturer the ultrasonic rubber connection as bellow:

            Videos link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzBn8OFJ_-E&list=PLc9RGTNJ7OU-lg7Lehe6GVbKi4wM1d46M&index=26&t=0s

          Garment Automatic Equipments

          We are concentrating on automatc equipment for solving garment industry's difficults in manufacturer process. Automatic garment equipment from cutting ,sewing, packing steps.

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